Mould Purchasing Information

Please read below all details regarding the purchase of moulds within my store.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or on instagram

All moulds are made to order and the colour will be random, if you would prefer a specific colour for your moulds, please leave a note at the checkout and I will do my best to accommodate this.

These moulds are designed for epoxy resin, but can be used for other materials such as clay, wax, soap etc, however this has not been tested so would be purchased at own risk.

All moulds are made with shiny acrylic blanks and the blanks are as shown on the photos, I cannot make custom moulds, nor change the blanks I already have.

All blanks used are 3mm deep unless stated otherwise.

You are purchasing the silicone mould, not the blanks shown, unless stated clearly in the title.

These are handmade so imperfections may be evident however will not affect casting.

Replacements/refunds are not provided for used items.

Moulds are not to be recast and my listing photos aren't to be used without my permission. If unsure, please ask.

Hoop shapes vary for each mould based on what is available at the time of the mould being made, however you will still receive all cavities of the mould listed.